Partially seen in January – Secret pleasure

For today’s Partially seen in January, my capture is focused on one of my secret pleasures.  I have loads of secret pleasures, which of course are secret and will probably remain that way.

But one of my secret pleasures are lifestyle magazines like Country Living and Ideal Home.

Secret pleasures - lifestyle magazines

I love the inspirational pictures, the feel and aspirations (some good and some bad) that the articles give.  I will probably never own a home like any of those featured in the magazines, but there is no harm in looking for some small ideas.


4 responses to “Partially seen in January – Secret pleasure

  1. Wonderful – I also love to leaf through such magazines, very inspirational! 🙂

  2. Love Country Living!
    Really lovely photograph!

  3. oh I love them too, I tear out pictures I like and put them into a file just in case I ever need them in my dream home!

  4. You are not alone…nothing nicer than taking time out to leaf through and lovely magazine and dream…

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