Partially seen in January

A new year ahead, with all it’s exciting and nerve-racking potential. If I am not careful I will just rush into the new year ahead with no real thought about where I want to go. If you do not have direction or a destination, then how will you know when you have arrived.  I have promised myself some time to do this afternoon or tomorrow.

January also sees the start of Partially seen in January on Flickr hosted by Justine Gordon.  It originally started back in November as November in Black and White and changed to Decorations in December.

Partially seen in January is all about fragments and glimpses.  So here is my first attempt at this theme.

Christmas Candle


4 responses to “Partially seen in January

  1. I love how you have done this, it looks so tempting and so intriguing! a wonderful shot.

  2. Wonderful idea. Love the balance of colours you have captured.

  3. Really like this Chrissy!

  4. What a beautiful photo – I love this, Chrissy! And I just feel like you – I’ll have to take some sort of time-out to think about the new year, as I didn’t have a quiet minute for quite some time!

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