Holiday Traditions 2010

One of the earliest memories I have of Christmas, is the tradition of opening my advent calendar windows.  The calendars didn’t contain any chocolates then but pictures integral to the Christmas story.  Nowadays they all seem to contain chocolates.

Anyway this year in an attempt to revive some of my childhood Christmas traditions, I succumbed to purchasing this beautiful advent calendar from Laura Ashley.  I did think about creating and sewing something myself, but realistically I don’t have the time.

DiD - Advent Calendar

Why don’t you share your holiday traditions via A Common Thread blog.


4 responses to “Holiday Traditions 2010

  1. this is a lovely tradition, my children say they are too old for advent calenders now (19 and 17) I do miss the excitement of opening up each window. Thank you so much for posting this on a common thread, it is so pretty and enjoy!

  2. This is beautiful Chrissy. We’ve done advent calendars for as long as I can remember.

  3. This is really beautiful! I still have a calendar, though the chocolate version I must admit 😉
    Sometimes, I made one myself for my husband – made of little boxes I filled with tiny things or notes.

  4. My children rush home to mark off the advent calendar ( although I must confess to giving them a small daily gift). It really is such a lovely tradition!

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