Macro Friday

It a very chilly and cold Friday here in the UK and we are still a little snow bound.  The car is stuck in the driveway and the roads around the area are still thick with ice and snow.

So this week’s capture for Macro Friday at Blogging from Bolivia is a close-up of a new pair of gloves I bought to help me keep my hands warm  for clearing the snow.   

Macro Friday - Gloves


9 responses to “Macro Friday

  1. such beautiful texture! love this.

  2. I love these, what a great macro. I am sooo cold here too in Kent and haven’t been out for 3 days in the car. Keep warm with your lovely gloves.

  3. This is a lovely macro………… nice thick gloves are a necessity this week. I ended up wearing plastic bags over my socks before I put them in my boots this to keep them warm. We’ve been using cardboard under the car wheels to help them get a grip .

    • I vaugely attempted to dig the car out on Wednesday, but the snow was so powdery that it was blowing everywhere. Gave up in the end.

      Been changing in and out of clothes depending on what I am doing. My old ski pant & jacket have come in very useful!

      Hope things start to thraw over the weekend.

  4. Cool. Hope they keep you warm out there.

  5. They look nice and warm!

  6. Such a great macro! I love the colours very much!

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