Holiday Traditions 2010

We haven’t really started to get ready Christmas yet and part of me feels that we might be leaving all a bit late.  

When I was younger, we always use to leave it to much later in December before putting the tree up and decorating it.  Something to do with having a birthday in early December, Mum always use to wait until after the birthday so not to let it get lost in festive activities.

Anyway our first Christmas card arrived on 30 November from a family friend, so I have purchased some festive string and pegs to hang them in the hallway.

Christmas card peg

Why don’t you share your holiday traditions via A Common Thread blog.


6 responses to “Holiday Traditions 2010

  1. I love this! we haven’t got our first Christmas card yet. I love your tradition and the lovely shot of your festive peg! thanks so much for sharing.

  2. We are starting this weekend, and as always, I am so looking forward to it!
    Have a wonderful day!


  3. Great to see that people are still sending Christmas Cards. We received so many e-cards last year, just not the same and you cant hang them around your house!!!!!

  4. I decided to send more real cards out this year — ecards are easier, but don’t give the same satisfaction. I love seeing all the holiday greeting cards lined up on our mantel.

  5. What a beautiful tradition! I love that peg very much! Thanks so much for sharing this at the Common Thread!

  6. I too love this. I came over from The Common Thread

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