B&W Wednesday

A day late for this weeks B&W Wednesday.  This week I wanted to capture something of my premium dry medium art set, which I am very proud of.  

B&W Wednesday - Art pencils

I have also excited to have joined November In Black and White, which is being hosted be Justine Gordon on Flickr.

the long road


6 responses to “B&W Wednesday

  1. I love art supplies shots, and this one is fantastic. I’d be proud of it too, and I’d be even prouder if I had a reason to have one. I am beyond terrible when it comes to sketching. So, so terrible! 😦
    Fantastic shot!

  2. I would be very proud of an art set too! wish I could paint or draw, I love this shot.

  3. Such a great idea for black and white Wednesday, Chrissy! I’d love to see some of your sketching! I absolutely admire everyone who can do this! I’d love to, but I’m totally without talent!

  4. just saw your email on flickr, so glad you are joining!!!

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