B&W Wednesdays

A beautiful and relaxing day in the city of Chester with my darling husband and my camera.  For lunch we stopped off at Chatwins Tearooms, on a recommendation of a kind little old lady who came to our assistance in the street.  She told us she had been going to the Tearooms for the last twenty years .  The tearooms were completely delightful.

In the afternoon we took a walk round the city walls, which are supposed to be the most complete in Britain.    Apparently the famous bye-law established by Henry V, were by if a Welshman is found inside the city walls after dusk he can be killed with cross-bow, still exists and has never been repealed.

So my capture for this weeks B&W Wednesday has to be of the city walls and one of it’s towers.

Black & White Wednesday - The Walls

the long road


2 responses to “B&W Wednesdays

  1. Wow, great shot! You can’t help but wonder what it looked like in it’s glory days.

    Erika B

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