The Creative Exchange – Week 5

Today has been a day of trying to relax and unwind.  Something I don’t appear to do well, as my loving husband described  me as “a cat on hot tin roof”.

I don’t have access to my usual computer, so I am lacking any of my usual tools (including Photoshop).   So my picture for this weeks Creative Exchange  is pretty raw and capture the last of the surviving Pinks that are in my Dad’s garden.

Creative Exchange - Flowers


4 responses to “The Creative Exchange – Week 5

  1. I love flower pix! A nice end of the season photo!

  2. I absolutely agree with Gina!

  3. I think this is just lovely. Love the white against that background.
    Thank you so much for sharing this today at The Creative Exchange.

    P.S Ok, come down off that roof now 🙂
    Also: Love the Polaroid link. Hope you find/take more!

  4. Tammy McChesney

    So soft and elegant, very pretty!

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