Through the August Break project I stumbled across Susannah Conway’s website and her passion for Polaroids was infectious, inspiring to reminisce about my old Polaroid camera I had a child.

I even got hooked with playing with Polaroin by re-creating Polaroid effect with my ‘normal’ photographs.   I took this picture as part of the August Project, though I didn’t use it for the capture of the day

Shops 01

So today while I was briefly sorting through my old wardrobe, I was excited to discover that stuffed in back of the wardrobe that I still have my old Polaroid 600 camera.   Now I need to track down some film.


3 responses to “Polaroids

  1. Ooh I so want a Polaroid…

  2. Oh, what a find, Chrissy! Hope to see some of your photos once you got your hands on a film! Enjoy your holiday – hopefully with not only rain but also some sun!

  3. What a fun find! Wish I could go hunting through my closet and find one. Maybe at my parents!

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