B&W Wednesdays

Time seems to fly by and we have arrived at another B&W Wednesday, which is the weekly project over at The Long Road to China blog.

All change again at our house, which shows nothing stays the same for long.   All my boxed up stuff has remained (relatively) touched in the built-in wardrobe in the back room since I moved in, has now been turfed out and stuffed in the loft to accommodate impromptu move by Anna from the small front bedroom to the bigger back room for practical reasons and the need for more space. 

B&W Wednesday - Camera 003

I managed to save two large boxes and a shoe box of old photographs from being relegated to the loft.  And in one of the these boxes was an old camera that my Dad gave many, many years ago. 

To be honest I never really got to grips with using it, which is probably why is has sat untouched for years.  Funnily enough it has a film still in it and I am just considering whether there is any point trying to rescue the film and get it processed.

B&W Wednesday - Camera 001

Also looking at the photograph that I have taken is, I have a feeling that the shutter is possibly broken, which is a real shame as I thought I could have a go at using this camera again.  I will have to look into this.

the long road


4 responses to “B&W Wednesdays

  1. Love camera shots, and these are great!

  2. Oh, I really love these. I could I not, being obsessed with my camera (even though mine is a Canon).

    Erika B

  3. Thank you Lisa and Erika. I have to admit that I did take my inspiration from elswewhere to take this photograph.

  4. These shots are great =)

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