The Creative Exchange – Week 4

Another week on the Creative Exchange at Lisa’s blog White Cotton Tree and there are already some beautiful submissions.  I especially like Justine’s Black Velvet.

On my latest shopping trip to our local supermarket, I found these very dinky and cute Munchkin Pumpkins which I was unable to resist. They are decorative rather than edible, much to my husband’s disbelief.

Munchkin Pumpkins 002

They are sat on my kitchen window sill, as a reminder of recent harvests festivals and thanksgiving and providing a hint of much-needed colour.

Munchkin Pumpkins 001


7 responses to “The Creative Exchange – Week 4

  1. These are such great shots! The very first thing I noticed was the AMAZING detail you were able to capture in the stem. I also love the white background with this.

    Thank you so much for sharing it at The Creative Exchange.

  2. Tammy McChesney

    I love the creative perspectives you captured…not your typical pumpkin shot and I love that!

  3. I’ve grown munchkin pumpkins (blogged here) for the last few years – they look adorable climbing up hazel sticks and by the way they do taste delicious too! Love the angles of the shots.

  4. Great composition, nicely done.

  5. Great shots. I particularly like the second because it shows more of the contours of the pumpkin. It almost looks ‘puffy’ …can’t think of a better way of describing it!

  6. I love the capture here, the composition and angle is great. I can’t believe you can’t eat them as they look very like what is on offer here in England! I’m so flattered you mentioned my name there too! thankyoux

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