The remains of summer

There seems to be a number of things from the summer that are hanging around the kitchen and hallway at the moment.  The best way to describe what I am talking about is summer holiday ephemera.  The stuff that isn’t intended to be kept.

Perhaps it demonstrates that I am not a perfectionist when it comes to tidying and cleaning the house, nor will I ever be. My invitations to friends are alway prefix with “you will have to take us as you find us“.   While my husband says he wants to live a home and not a show house  (probably just as well).

Anyway on wandering around the kitchen this evening, I discovered these little treasures stowed  away by my step-daughter for safe keeping.

Summer Holiday Ephemera 001

We did a day trip to London which included a visit to the Tate Modern.  Stopping at their cafe for refreshments we found all their branded cups and sugar sachets, which I think someone took a shine to. 

Summer Holiday Ephemera 002

There is now a growing collection of sugar sachets, which seem to breed on the bread bin.  Because every time I walk past they seem to have multiplied.

Summer Holiday Ephemera 003

I tend to collect things that I can store easily, preferably flat, like postcards, napkins or train tickets.  What (ephemera) do you keep and collect?


One response to “The remains of summer

  1. I honestly cannot think of anything, and after today’s clothing fiasco (spring summer put away, fall/winter out), I’m feeling pretty good about that. Actually…just thought of something…Everytime I order film from The Impossible Project, they send me a little postcard that looks like a Polaroid. I definitely keep all of them!

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