Macro Friday

A day late with this week’s Macro Friday photo.  This weeks picture captures Autumn for me. 

In case you haven’t worked out what it is, it is a Horse Chestnut in it’s shell.   The conkers are everywhere at the moment, littering the gutters and the pavements.



10 responses to “Macro Friday

  1. I think this is an interesting photo, but I have no clue what it is… Help me out. 🙂 Gorgeous light though!

  2. Ok, I may not be looking right, but what is it?? I’m sure once you tell me I’ll be thinking “duh” but for right now, I’m confused!

  3. It’s a Horse Chestnut or conker in it’s shell!

  4. That’s really an interesting shot! I couldn’t have guessed what it is, either, but once you know it, it is clear!!

  5. There was a horse chestnut tree in my hometown (I actually lived 2 miles out on a farm, though), and I was totally fascinated by it. The nuts are so beautiful, and I was always trying to figure out how to keep them shiny. I think we tried to make necklaces of them, too.

  6. Such an interesting shot!

  7. Nice abstract! Very creative.

  8. Wow! Interesting! Great shot 🙂

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