With the nights drawing in, there is less opportunity to get out and capture some great pictures without blur or camera shake and not enough light in doors either.   So this afternoon,  I popped into Jessops and picked up a little camera tripod (flexi-pod) for my little Nikon camera.   It’s the best £6 I have ever spent.   I love it.   I don’t know why it took me so long to get one.

Pears 001

So with mini tripod in hand, I am now on a mission to see what I can capture indoors. I have found that using the window-sill in the living room (I was tempted to say lounge but I can hear my mother say “only hotels have lounges!”) which faces south west, I can use the last of the afternoon sun to get enough light for my pictures.

Pears 002

So grabbing some pears from the fruit bowl, I was able to get these lovely close-up shots. I just love the colour and texture of the skin of these pears.


2 responses to “Pears

  1. Those little flexible tripods are so useful. I use mine to stabilize my camera when I am hand-holding it. Sure looks funny, but works nicely!

  2. Great idea, Chrissy! I love the pears – great colours, too!

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