What sort of flower are you?

It started as one of those sorts of conversations you only have when its late at night and you are procrastinating about turning the light off and going to sleep.  (Something I need to learn to do and be more disciplined about). 

We didn’t start off the conversation asking “if you were a flower, what flower would you be?”. 

It was just one of those passing comments, were someone just drops this little bit of information or observation about you that seems to really come from no-where. 

My husband announced that he thought that if I were a flower that I would be a sunflower.

Day Fourteen - Sunflowers 02

To be honest, it wasn’t something I had even thought about before.  If I had to describe myself as a flower I would have possibly picked something like a daisy.

We chatted about this for a little while but I am still not clear why my husband saw me as a sunflower, but do feel slightly flattered. I think the colour of a sunflower is stunning and full of warmth.

So if you were a flower, what sort of flower would you be?

The picture was taken as part of the August Break – Day Fourteen Sunflowers


2 responses to “What sort of flower are you?

  1. That’s really interesting! Hm, I’ve never thought about that, but spontaneously I think I would also choose a daisy… I think I’ll ask my husband about it!

    Hope you feel better, Chrissy!

  2. Thanks Rosie, throat is much better but sneezing my head off at the moment!

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