Coughs and sneezes

We are only into the second week of term and the obligatory coughs and colds are starting to appear.  I have spent most of the day sipping water to keep my throat from drying out, while there is an increased need to keep a box of tissues to hand.

As a child, I was always made a hot drink of honey and orange to help soothe sore throats especially just before bed time.  There is always something comforting about the familiar.

Orange 01

In an effort to ensure I am getting enough vitamin C, I chopped up one of the remaining oranges from the fruit bowl into segments to eat.  If I had any honey, I probably would have attempt to make myself drink.  But this has to be the next best thing.

I have to confess that am not a big fruit eater.  I tend to eat fruit out of necessity rather than enjoyment. 

Orange 02

To get a retro feel to these photos, I have again used one of my favourite online tools – Polaroin, to get familar polaroid look to this pictures.


2 responses to “Coughs and sneezes

  1. oh dear poor you! have some honey and lemon, the best thing. Hope you feel better soon! your orange looks lovely and refreshing.

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