I am sat in the dinning room, not to avoid watching the Bourne Ultimatum because it’s a fab film, but because I just want a little space after a hectic day in work.  I am at a loss without the DSLR I borrowed from work, and with the lack of natural lighting it’s just impossible to take decent any pictures.  Tomorrow doesn’t promise much in the away of opportunities to get out and about, what with rain forecasted.

So I have resorted to browsing through my collection of images from 2010.  I stumbled upon this photograph of yellow roses which I took at my in-laws 50th Wedding Anniversary celebration back in June.  I used this image in the photobook I created as a gift in memory of their special day.

Yellow Roses

I created further three images from this one image, using Polaroin, which allows you to upload photos and create a Polaroid effect on the images. I have had so much fun using this online tool, and it has really taken me back to my childhood when I was given a have my Polaroid camera for Christmas one year. As a family we had so much fun with snap instant photographs.

Yellow Roses 01

I am not sure that my original Polaroid photos ever looked like this. Though it has given me an urge to dig them out when I next go home.

Yellow Roses 02

Yellow roses can mean – friendship, joy, get well

Yellow Roses 03


3 responses to “Without

  1. Chrissy this are absolutely beautiful! You have such a great eye. I’m going to have to check out Polorin now.

  2. Nice shots! I love to shoot florals!

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