Late evening foraging in the woodland behind our house, enabled us to collect another box full of blackberries.  The light was so bad, it wasn’t even feasible for me to take any pictures so we collect odds and ends to bring back home to photograph.

08 September 001

Since returning the borrowed DSLR from work, I am having to rely on my little Nikon digital camera. And though I love snapping picture with it, it isn’t very good indoors with low light. I will probably have to wait until I photographic them in more natural lighting.

08 September 008

Even when I attempted to snap the small bunch of elderberries I got differing results.  There is something quite pretty and memorizing with the blurred image.

08 September 006

We enjoyed the blackberries for pudding with a little bit of ice-cream.


4 responses to “Foraging

  1. Though they were taken by your little Nikon, they’re nice and makes me hungry XD
    Nice snap shots ..

  2. Love the last shot here. So delicate.

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