Mirrors your heart

For a while I have been collecting together images from magazines and combining them on postcards to create new themes, inspirational ideas or messages. 

The initial idea came from a blog I love called Record the Day by Lobster and Swan (aka Jeska Hearne).  From her idea I started something I call Postcard Scrapbooking, where I collect and combine of things scraped from magazines. 

Mirrors your Heart

I got the inspiration for the above when thinking about the phrase ‘your face can tell a story’.  Emotions get etched on to your face, creating a canvas for the story of your life.   Beauty is only skin deep and it is really what is in your heart that makes you beautiful. 

 A collection of some of my previous Postcard Scrapbooking is on Flickr.


4 responses to “Mirrors your heart

  1. Chrissy, this is BEAUTIFUL!!! I’ll have to head over to flickr tomorrow and take a look!

  2. Well, of course I HAD to take a first glimpse today and I’m totally impressed!
    Where do you find all the snippets? And do you find the snippets first and get the idea or do you have an idea and then you look for the pictures and text?

  3. Thanks Rosie, I am glad you like it! I was a little nervous about doing something new on the blog.
    I trall through magazines looking for images that I like or that inspire me.
    Both really. Sometimes I have idea (maybe inspired by a saying or a phrase) that I want to represent visually, or occasionally I find a picture I want to use and I look how I can use it. The text in this postcard is actually a proverb, but remixed.

  4. what a wonderful idea – came across from ABC, this looks so great

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