A colour pick-me up

To brighten up your Monday mornings with a deluge of colour.

Tulips 01

A rainbow of colours to fill your senses and remind you of the spring and summer months that have all but past now.

Tulips 02


8 responses to “A colour pick-me up

  1. I love the luscious colors! Very vibrant. (:

  2. Thank you. Hope it brighten up your Monday.

  3. they definately brighten up monday. Came across from ABC, great shots!

  4. These colours are really vibrant! That’s what I needed today – thanks! 🙂

  5. So pretty.
    Reminds me of Spring!

  6. I am happy to have brighten up everyones day.

  7. thanks for the colour – we needed it here today. has it been wet and grey up your way too? Rubin and I soothed ourselves with a welly-boot walk down to the old mill to feed the ducks. we seem to do this more at the end of summer, as we know that in a few months it will be too cold for us to tarry down there.

  8. Thanks Sam.

    I am still loving your pictures via Flickr and your blog!

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