Walking out at dusk

It is so tempting, when the nights are going shorter, just to slob out on the sofa for the rest of the evening, especially after an enjoyable dinner (or is it tea?) which has been prepared and cooked for you.  It is just so comfortable and cozy that it becomes easy to sit together on the sofa for the rest of the evening.

Last night, we got up and took a stroll out round the local neighbourhood.  It’s getting darker so much earlier now, and dusk can be such a beautiful time.  By chance I did take my camera and caught two pictures, both of which are a little blurred.  Despite the blurriness as I feel that it capture something of the sense of the time of day.


I discovered these fragile pink and white flowers, which are just past their best and are beginning wilt. 

Dusk 002

The trees were becoming silhouettes against the skyline as dusk drew in.

As we walked past the new housing development we stopped to see what progress they had made.  To our delight we watched a family of foxes running about and even playing together in the fading light.


5 responses to “Walking out at dusk

  1. Nice post, Chrissy! I can absolutely relate to what you say – I can hardly motivate myself to go out after dinner… Thanks for showing that it’s worth doing!
    Have a nice evening!

  2. I love getting out at that time of day. These photographs make for lovely evening shots, even if they are a little fuzzy. It adds something I think! Have you seen 3191 Evenings? http://3191.visualblogging.com/index.html The last photo reminds me of that.

  3. Thanks Rosie and Annette for taking the time to visit my blog and leaving your lovely comments.

    Annette – I hadn’t seen the 3191 Evenings before, but took a quick look this morning. Looks like a stunning book.

    I have fallen in love the idea of the collobrative 3191 website!

  4. You captured those lovely roses, by chance. How nice! Don’t you love it when you have your camera with you for these moments? I use my cell phone camera quite often these days because it is with me all the time and I see things worth photographing. It’s only 2 megapixels though so the shots aren’t always great.

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