Day Twenty Six – Bedtime

I thought with a week off work, I would have more time to devote this week to the August Break, but things just haven’t worked out like I had anticipated. The weather hasn’t helped either, making it difficult to get out and about to discover new and exciting things.

As it’s nearly time for bed, I thought I would take a look at those things that I keep by my bed.

 A little bed time reading.  Something to crawl under the duvet with and get lost in. I do love books, though I don’t have enough time to read anymore, despite being a librarian. I have a stack of books by my bed including I, Robot which was a freebie with the The Times newspaper this week.   I have been meaning to read this Isaac Asimov classic (long before it was made into a film with Will Smith). 

This is the first proper address book I have had in years. 

My gorgeous wooden Westie bookend, which I simply adore because it is a Westie.

A gift from a friend of a beautiful book by Helen Steiner Rice which contains inspiring poetry combined with beautiful imagery.


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