August Break – Week Two

We now entering the third week of The August Break project, I have been re-visiting some of the images that I have collected together in my gallery (August Break 2010 – Week 2) on Flickr for Week two and thought I would collate them together into a mosaic and share them. Again it has been such an inspiration and encouragement to see everyone’s submissions to the group.  Here are sixteen of my favourite images from other photographers, I hope you enjoy looking at them as mush as I have.

The August Break – Week 2 Mosaic, originally uploaded by Chrissy Lewis’ Flickr.

1. hello!, 2. Day 8, 3. buttons, 4. water please…, 5. 8:31 Soft Patels :: Colorful Hands, 6. eleven {214}, 7. the august break: Day 11: Poppies, 8. arch, 9. August Break Day 10, 10. faded dandelion, 11. abundance, 12. Untitled, 13. {49/365}, 14. Rope, Rye Harbour, 15. the old mill and pond, 16. ten


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