August Break – Week One

After completing an amazing first week of The August Break project, I have been re-visiting some of the images that have been shared via Flickr and thought I would collate them together into a mosaic and share them.  Thousands of images have been added, and it been such an inspiration and encouragement to see everyone’s submissions to the group.  It has certainly challenged me to think more creatively about the everyday.  Here are sixteen of my favourite images from other photographers, I hope you enjoy looking at them as mush as I have.

 1. Mason jars waiting to be used…, 2. The brocante, 3. Peach/apricot rumtopf, 4. the august break 01, 5. good things in the post, 6. Macaroon Mania, 7. Untitled, 8. august break no. 7, 9. Untitled, 10. August Break Day 2, 11. empties, 12. window, 13. 7, 14. {42/365}, 15. Dolls, 16. a-yellow-balloon


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