Green, green grass of home.

Greens seem to be the colour of season.  It’s everywhere.  August’s edition of Idea Home has plenty of ideas of how to use the colour green (How to use Leaf Greens), describing green as “feel good…colour of the moment”.  

The colour green has been identified as one of two colours that have “the greatest emotional range”  (Gass, 1991).  It can evoke the feeling of freshness, newness and growth as well as jealousy, envy and sickness.   With it’s contrasting  meanings and symbolism, green is a difficult colour to use.   In searching through some of my favourite images on Flickr, I did discover the following inspirational images:   

 Mosaic of Green Images, originally created and uploaded by Chrissy Lewis’ Flickr.
Mosaic Images include 1. Green flower thingy, 2. Green spring?, 3. Green flower, 4. 97/365 Flower With Dark Green 

Taking the beautiful images above and using them for inspiration, I found the following home accessories all from Wilkinson’s (so very budget friendly).




2 responses to “Green, green grass of home.

  1. green is a great colour and is very neutral and is one of my favourite colours i see green and it puts me in a calm mood 🙂

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