Cornish Blues

Cornish Blue Mood Board

Taking inspiration from a fabulous display of Cornishware and Cornish Blue pottery I found in an independent interior design shop in Bath, I created the mood board below to caputure the theme.

Images:  Blue Boat, Cornish Blue Pottery, Sandcastle Flags by Dotcomgiftshop ;
Wallpaper: Harlequin – Kia and Elle Decoration – Midsummer Flowers maxi sticker by Wall Paper Direct;
Paints:  Mediterranean Blue, Baby Blue & Mineral Blue by Dulux

Image by James Norton Jones on Flickr 

I found this beautiful photo by a old university friend which just encapsulates the Cornish Blue feeling I was creating in the mood board above.  The picture is technically not a beach in Cornwall, but it is truely striking.


One response to “Cornish Blues

  1. Hi, love the feel of your mood board :o)
    If you want moody pictures of Cornwall, have a look at pictures of the dawn in Cornwall everyday for the last five years.

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